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Epic Fantasy

The Earthking Chronicles is a fantasy epic in the vein of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Stephen Lawhead. Set in a world where ancient kings who could command the very ground itself are legend and the monstrous enemies they held at bay are stories to scare children. 

But legends have a way of shadowing reality... especially when they're true.


Christian values

As a Christian, a father, and an avid reader I know the importance of communicating the values found in my faith. Earthking was born out of a desire to pass those truths on in a form that could be both captivating and revealing. It is my hope that my readers come away from this story not only having been on a compelling adventure but perhaps having learned to see our Creator's goodness even in the dark shadows.

The characters


What age is earthking for?

The main protagonist, Col, is 14 years old. We have found that ages as young as 10 can enjoy the Earthking Chronicles and understand the deeper themes woven throughout the book.

Is there sex, violence, or profanity?

Although there is violence in the books, it is the violence found in the fight of good against evil and reflects the same kind of violence in classic fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia. 
We've taken lots of care to not include sexual themes, profanity, and other adult themes that are not appropriate for children and Christian readers alike.

What about witchcraft or Magic?

The world of Earthking is magical, but not in a way that incorporates actual witchcraft, wiccan religion, or other new age ideas. The power of the Earthkings', although not a direct allegory, is representative of the God given gifts we are called to use for His glory. The reader will watch as Col struggles between using his power for the good of others or for selfish ambition. 

What parents have said

"I bought this book for my 11 year old and 9 year old boys. My 11 year old read the entire book in 1 day! He couldn't put it down! My 9 year old has been reading it all week and also loving it. 
As a mother who is concerned about what type of content my boys are reading, I was thrilled to find this book. It is full of adventure and action to grab my boys' attentions but the content is not inappropriate in any way for their age and our faith, so it's a safe book for them to read and enjoy. I also love that there are so many applications we can take from the book to apply to life and our faith. It has generated some great family discussions! Thanks for such an awesome, wholesome book!" 

- Christine R.

Grades 5-12

Classic Adventure

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Earthking: Book 1 of the Earthking Chronicles retails for $14.99. (paperback)

For Educators who place a wholesale order through our website the price is $8/book plus shipping. 

This includes a digital teacher's guide to the book for easy lesson building.

Publisher's Weekly

"Hall’s exciting first book in the Earthking Chronicles introduces 14-year-old Colmeron, second in line for the throne of Arnoc. Hall creates a fast-paced and absorbing fantasy, filled with imaginative backstory that includes forest dwelling treelike creatures called the Greenkind and subterranean giants who sleep for decades at a time."

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